Westfield single donor

Historic grand prix racer Chris Smith built that first car for personal use in 1982.

Just like the original Lotus Eleven, Smith's replica featured enclosed bodywork, including faired rear wheels. Smith was encouraged to develop his design into a kit for other enthusiasts.

Westfield single donor

Something else some people who’d tried the original blue 1600 car asked for was more room under the steering wheel because, while it’s fine for average height slim types, larger drivers found it too close to their legs.The most obvious visual clue to the Mazda version is the dashboard, which combines a curvy GRP panel with the MX5’s instrument pod to produce a more stylish and far cheaper alternative to the usual flat panel with aftermarket instruments.Westfield aficionados might also notice the MX5 front uprights and hubs instead of Westfield’s usual custom alloy items, with the brakes being MX5 too rather than Ford, while at the rear the diff, driveshafts, uprights and brakes also come courtesy of Mazda.Besides still being readily available, Mazda’s little roadster has always been highly rated as a driver’s car, so there’s also a sound logic in using parts originally designed for one lightweight sports car to make another lightweight sports car.As you’ve probably guessed from the pictures, aside from the source of its mechanical parts, Westfield’s Mazda SDV is essentially the same Seven-inspired roadster it’s been making since 1986.

Westfield single donor

Bill Cardell's SDV, shown here, is the latest development of that theme. After Lotus discontinued it, in 1973, production was nearly immediately continued under exclusive license by Caterham Cars.When Westfield began offering Seven replicas, Caterham was obliged to protect their intellectual property through lawsuit.However, with Ford going completely front wheel drive in 1993 and even Sierras now something of a rarity, it was only a matter of time before the industry was forced to look for alternatives – not that there are many to choose from. kostenlose flirtchats Hannover BMW is one obvious possibility, especially with the 3-Series being so common, but Westfield decided that the best base for its latest SDV (single donor vehicle) model was Mazda’s Mk1 MX5.as published in British V8 Magazine, Volume XVI Issue 1, May 2008 Owner: Bill Cardell City: Palisade, CO Model: 2007 Westfield SDV Engine: Mazda Miata 1.8L turbo.

Built by: Bill Cardell, Keith Tanner, and their staff at Flyin' Miata. started with a one-off replica of the 1956 Lotus "Eleven" Le Mans race car.Over their twenty-five year history, Westfield has broadened their range to include a Rover 3.9L aluminum V8 engined version of the SE roadster, called "SEi GHT", various motorcycle-engined versions, and also a "sports racer" model of their own design, called "XTR". In December 2006, Chris Smith sold Westfield Sportscars Ltd. Potenza is a diversified engineering services firm that was incorporated in 2000 by managers formerly associated with Rolls Royce and with Lucas Industries. Smith and other members of the Smith family remain closely associated with the operation of the company. "FM" for "Flyin' Miata" (Bill's shop) The fiberglass body panels are molded in color, so their beauty is more than skin deep! Bill Cardell gives very exciting demonstration rides. - Editor) Bill's shop, "Flyin' Miata", continues to make continuous improvements to their Westfield and to use it as a testbed for performance accessories and options. For the British home market, Westfield cars may be purchased as complete factory-assembled automobiles, or in various kit forms tailored to match available skills and resources. Westfield continues production and innovation from their factory in Kingswinford, (West Midlands,) UK. Line-X has been applied to the rear fenders to prevent stone chips. Our magazine is funded through the generous support of readers like you! (Paint is optional.) This car has the optional one-piece nose. Westfield provides threaded adapters so that their rack will work with Miata tie rod ends. (Radtec aluminum radiator is behind it, plus a large electric fan.) Facet fuel pump shown here is the low pressure supply to the scuttle-mounted swirl tank. Here are some more recent photos that Bill provided. And those who do fit still have to cope with a lack of space in the traditionally Seven-esque footwell, making narrow footwear the order of the day.The driving position is of course the classic race-car style ‘bum on floor’ job and looking through that heated screen down the long bonnet to the road ahead provides a stirring view that has you itching to fire it up and get on with it.

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