Single minded to the point of recklessness meaning

Bailey Graffman, the girl who had fainted at the store, has them.Fascinated by Tibby's movie, or "suckumentary" as she calls it, Bailey becomes Tibby's self-appointed assistant.Despite this, Kostas continues to pursue Lena, and the two develop feelings for each other.Lena holds back, though, until one day when she admits to herself that she is afraid of love.

On one of their final days they went shopping together, the girls find a seemingly ordinary pair of jeans that fit them all perfectly and flatter their figures, despite their very different measurements.Through the unexpected intervention of the Pants, Lena meets a local Greek boy named Kostas Dounas.Lena learns from her grandparents that her family and Kostas' family are sworn enemies stemming from an old family feud.She frantically calls for help, and the girl is taken away in an ambulance.When Lena mails the magical Pants to Tibby, they are delivered to the wrong house.

Single minded to the point of recklessness meaning

The girls dub them the Traveling Pants and decide to share them equally over the course of the summer.They part the next day, and the film focuses on each girl's journey separately.Tibby spends a lot of time with Bailey in the hospital after that.A couple of days later, Tibby receives a phone call in the morning from Mrs.During her time there, her father and her new family neglect her emotionally, driving her to throw a stone through their dining room window, and catch a bus back to Maryland.

At home she tells Tibby about her time with her dad and Tibby convinces her to confront her father with a phone call and finally tell him that she's mad at him. Her summer ends with the four of them returning south where she is an attendant at her father's wedding, where at the reception he makes a public apology for having snubbed her.

Graffman, Bailey's mother, saying that Bailey died in the night. When Carmen comes back home from South Carolina, Tibby visits her to try to help her with her feelings of being snubbed by her father.

Carmen lashes out at Tibby by saying that she has no feelings, and Tibby leaves in tears.

She offers them to Bailey and pleads with her to take them so that they can help her.

Bailey responds by saying that the pants have already worked their magic on Bailey by bringing her and Tibby together.

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