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You can learn about and eat all things marzipan at the famous marzipan chain called Niederreger Lübeck. On my first trip to Lübeck, which is only a 40 minute train ride north east on the regional trains from Hamburg, I didn’t go to a single museum, but I did eat marzipan, drink a delicious iced macchiato, sit at a café, walk until I couldn’t walk no more and basically, had a great time.

I will be back for sure and next time I’ll learn all about the history, marzipan culture and more.

The possibilities are varied and range from simple rooms to flats for couples, for students with children and also for students with disabilities.

They are there to advise and support international students at the beginning of their stay in Germany.I was totally baffled by all the people standing up at the windows, but hey, this looks fun. Singles karlstadt One of the most famous things about Lübeck – the marzipan.Student accommodation is the cheapest form of housing for students.The Studentenwerke offer around 181,000 places in student accommodation all over Germany.

Single community Lübeck

They also offer other services on the subject of housing, among other things online forms for registration, information on student accommodation, photos and site plans.Buy or Sell Real Estate With Confidence Helping you find everything you need to know about buying or selling a home!In some Studentenwerke, however, these can be bought or even rented.The rents in student accommodation depend on the furnishing, location and size of the room.So I walked into the Rathausmarkt and there was the most random celebration/ceremony going on. Okay, so German ducklings may be exactly the same as Canadian ones, but I’m pretty sure I heard them quacking in German. I’ve tried dragon boating once in Hamburg and somehow the German commands just make it all that much more intense.

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