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Examining in detail the evidence of old and new excavations and surveys one may notice public areas, like on the Saalburg or, once more, in Ruffenhofen.Another question is the position of temples and other public buildings inside the military vici.Sex in the Frontiers: Textual and material representations of human sexuality at the edge of empire (Rob Collins / Tatiana Ivleva) 1. Public buildings and urban features in Roman military vici (Christof Flügel / Martina Meyr / Tony Wilmott) Description: In the last years, mainly due to intensified geophysical research work, several types of public architecture hitherto not known in Roman military vici were discovered.

Which materials were thrown our and which kept for re-use? Did re-use change with the fluctuating supply of certain materials?We would like this session to include different types of evidence and location.4. Rubbish disposal and the Roman Army (Stefanie Hoss) Description: The Roman army was a large organisation, using up huge amounts of resources and materials.In addition to a plethora of readymade items, it was also supplied with many different raw materials used within the military itself to produce different objects.What you eat, how you prepare food and who you dine with can indicate a range of factors including cultural background or ethnicity, and economic or social status.Diverse people moved around the frontier zones: foreign soldiers were sent on military postings whilst local people and workers moved to industrial sites, towns and extra-mural settlements.

Sex dating Ingolstadt

Some see demarcated frontier lines as entirely military in function, intended primarily to protect the territorial integrity of the Empire and exclude, or at least strongly discourage, unwanted infiltration.Others see them as having a more socio-economic administrative function and thus being more open in nature, designed not to prevent movement into the Empire, but to facilitate its control and regulation.Within frontier zones were there formal boundaries or precise geographical limits and, if so, how were they defined?To what extent did cultural, economic or even administrative criteria determine the location and function of frontiers?To what extent were the local peoples treated differently on either side of those frontier lines which we can define?

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Why do some linear barriers appear to have been provided with multiple gateways while others have very few?After some times, most of these objects stopped being usable in their original function.Some of them could only be thrown away, while with others recycling was possible.We know that huge quantities of refuse (Abfall) were dealt with in the Roman army, as witnessed by the size of the famous Schutthügel of Vindonissa.Many of the refuse pits and dumps used by the Romans were excavated.

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