Seniordate Høje-Taastrup

There are several unique buildings in the same area, including the train station itself with its distinctive three arches.The three arches have become a symbol of the municipality, and have given rise to the moniker "The City of Arches" (Danish: Buernes By, which in a play on words sounds remarkably similar to the phrase Byernes By or "The City of Cities").Another throughway in this municipality is historic Roskilde Way (Roskildevej), which runs from Copenhagen to Roskilde.The first major road connecting these two cities was built in 1642 by King Christian IV.

seniordate Høje-Taastrup

The town is home to City 2 shopping center, Denmark's second largest shopping center or mall. Af hver måneds filmrepertoire udvælger Bio City en film for det ”voksne” publikum. secret de kostenlos Darmstadt Høje-Taastrup Kommune is a municipality (Danish, kommune) in Region Hovedstaden on the island of Zealand (Sjælland) in eastern Denmark.The West Forest is located where the three municipalities of Høje-Taastrup, Albertslund, and Ledøje-Smørum border on one another.It is part of a system of green areas surrounding the Copenhagen metropolitan area.

Seniordate Høje-Taastrup

It offers an extensive system of hiking and bike trails through grass and marsh areas.It connects to other parts of the greenway system, allowing one to seamlessly make a tour around the metropolitan area.Additionally Motorring 4 splits off from the Holbæk Motorway at the municipality's eastern border leading to the various motorways servicing the northern parts of Zealand.The municipality's good position in the traffic network has led to the development of Høje-Taastrup Transportation Center, which includes Carlsberg Brewery's huge bottle depot.Located at the south end of the railroad station complex is another area landmark— the 26.3 meter tall sculpture "Thor's Tower" (Torstårnet), the tallest sculpture in the Nordic countries.

It was made by Bjørn Nørgaard, and was inaugurated on 4 December 1986.Hedehusene lies to the west of Høje Taastrup, on the stretch of railway connecting Copenhagen-Høje Taastrup-Roskilde.The town got its name with the building of the King's Road leading to Roskilde.Taastrup has a little outdoor area with a Mc Donald's, IKEA, Adidas store, bed store and a Toys "R" Us.The infamous housing project of Tåstrupgård (lit; English. The area has been known through a series of shootings the last couple of years.

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