Freiburger single night

When however in 1631 Field Marshal Tilly of the Imperial Forces lost the Battle of Breitenfeld against the Swedes southern Germany is at the mercy of the victorious army.

Freiburger single night

The following bombardment of the city is so effective that the gates open five days later.Eventually the veil is lifted, the prayer-book serves no longer as a pretext. Sms texte kennenlernen However for his planned military operations n the Habsburg territories Cardinal Richelieu needs a competent general possibly German speaking.Lassen Sie sich gezielt bestimmte Veranstaltungen anzeigen oder filtern Sie nach Ihrem Lieblingstanz.*) Standard/Latein ist unsere Hauptfläche, hier werden alle Tänze gespielt.Ever since the burning of the Czech reformer Jan Hus at the Konstanz Church Council in 1415 Bohemia is like a barrel of powder filled with an explosive mixture of nationalism and religious passion.

Freiburger single night

The Swedish occupation however is of only short duration because the troops leave Freiburg in a hurry when their army suffered a crushing defeat in the Battle of Nrdlingen.However it really makes no difference for Freiburg as now the Catholic troops of Charles of Lorraine roam the country in search for food, wine, and women.This leads to the well known Defenestration of two Imperial envoys and their clerk in Prague in 1618.When one year later Matthias dies his cousin Archduke Ferdinand follows on the throne only to force the Counter Reformation further.Professors and students of the Jesuit University flee in fear of the Protestants while the citizens suffer the usual atrocities of war.

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Soon however the situation calms down and even mixed marriages are celebrated.However, Rudolf's ambitious younger brother Matthias considers this a weakness.He manages to oust Rudolf in 1612 and starts a rigorous Counter Reformation in all Austrian provinces.This German Peace is not at all to the liking of the Bourbons who still have to settle an old score with the Habsburgs.They also take advantage of the situation and so France la supports the frail Swedes not only like in the past with money but enters into combat with fresh troops.

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