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Maria Lai (1919–2013) " Studio 14 is a research and a workplace driven by a multiplicity of different subjects; capable of giving rise to certain configurations; a process involving the fields of art, education, and politics; and oriented towards the forms of knowledge that circulate and are produced in those fields…

Studio 14 " We are accustomed to equating literature and architecture—a stanza, the basic unit of poetry, is, after all, a “room” in Italian.

Did, what I was seeing, surprise me, make me laugh, make me feel, make me react in a strong way?Self publishing and/or making a dummy does not mean it has to be done all by oneself.A photographer, being a photographer, has the duty to tell her/his story, with strong convincing content.It’s seen as a normative concept, difficult to gauge and even more difficult to reconcile with artistic practices that tend to strive for emancipation from norms.It’s also a political argument that has been made by reactionaries and enemies of artistic freedom. Mare Nostrum " The arcades begin on the left and, through a foreshortened perspective, run almost to the horizon. Above nine of them are rectangular windows; a tenth, located on the…

Fick dating Kassel

During the two week visit of the Visual Communication Foundation Class, students and teachers of the New Media department organised and hosted various workshops, exercises and film-screenings.The program was as diverse as the work being done around the department always is, including topics such as sound art, game modding, social media culture, surveilance and science fiction.Behind each dummy submitted there is someone who has put in work, thought, time, energy and money, who has done their best, this deserves all our respect.My first impression was, peeking into the boxes, that more than a dummy I’d get to look at a book.His carvings tap into the supernatural, as though everything he made is invested with spirit…

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In Memoriam: Beau Dick (1955–2017) " While living with her aunt and uncle near Cardedu in the Sardinian countryside due to poor health, as a child Maria Lai traced bold sketches on the walls of their kitchen with charcoal from the fireplace…

I soon stopped worrying about the manufacture in regard to content.

Knowing enough about book production I was able to imagine how eventual changes could enhance the content where needed.

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Listening Space is a program of events that attempts to explore and understand sound outside established hierarchies of music production and performance. Listening Space " Paths, routes, and parcours cross and intertwine, as visitors consider the pathways taken by peripatetic thinkers as a point of departure for a reflection on the act of walking. Walks " Beau Dick was given the name “Walis Gwy Um,” which means “big, great whale” in the Kwak’wala language.

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