Elster single phase kwh meter

In addition, for electricity supplies to domestic customer by a licensed supplier, an Ofgem approved and certified meter must be used.

Certification is a guarantee of each meter's accuracy.

Meter readings can be analysed in-depth down to half-hour totals or can be displayed in a long-term overview.

For solar PV systems, PVGIS performance bench marking tools will indicate system performance based on PVGIS predictions.

The Module is designed specifically for the application (WAN/LAN- GSM, PLC etc) and may be installed or exchanged without breaking the metrology seals on the meter's main cover The Liquid Crystal Display has large characters that can be viewed from a wide angle.The OBIS codes can be changed using the Power Master Unit. datingseiten Bremen Single phase electricity is connected at 230 or 240 volts via 2 wires, active and neutral, and is found in most domestic settings.The energy registers can be configured for the required number of digits and for the position of the decimal point.The Elster A100C offers high security and detects many of the most commonly used tamper techniques.

Elster single phase kwh meter

These are stored as security data and can be included as part of the display sequence and read via the optical communications ports.It is a legal requirement that you use an Ofgem approved meter if you are going to collect revenue from the meter readings displayed or transmitted to a data collection system.The display sequence is programmable and is supported by three modes of operation, auto-cycle, manual and utility. kostenlose singleseite Pforzheim Displayed information can have English language identifiers or OBIS (Object Identification System) codes.This meter is MID Approved and suitable billing use throughout Europe.

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