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If you have any comments, questions or additions, please contact Willi Hasselbring Fundamentally, these guidelines apply to any scientific work conducted in the Software Engineering Group (and many hints apply to (scientific) writing in general), whether you write a seminar paper, an individual project / Bachelor thesis, or a Diploma/Master thesis.

These differ primarily in the amount of time available, the expected length of the text and of the degree of novelty of the work.

You can use the latex template provided at for your paper.

For including graphics in your paper, you should use vector graphics (unless, of course, it is a screenshot or photo or the like) in the EPS or PDF format (caution: it is also possible to store bitmap graphics in these formats).

dating vergleich Kiel

If the cited page is not another kind of document (e.g.Der Kunde kann dann nicht noch nachträglich weitere Anforderungen stellen. flirtportal Regensburg Für den Kunden besteht der Vorteil darin, zu wissen, was von der Arbeit zu erwarten ist.Before submitting any version of your paper, use a spell checker!Your paper will be evaluated particularly for the following criteria.

Dating vergleich Kiel

In the following, we will refer to any piece of work as a “paper”.These are only general guidelines, in specific seminars or for your specific thesis, additional or different guidelines may be arranged.Grundsätzlich spielt der Entwicklungsprozess eine zentrale Rolle in der Softwaretechnik.Daher geben wir hier einige Hinweise zum Entwicklungsprozess bei der Betreuung von Abschlussarbeiten in der Arbeitsgruppe Software Engineering.The talk should end with the summary slide, not with an additional “Questions?

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