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It measures 61 meters in height and its dark bands of volcanic ash bear witness to the dramatic geological history of the island.

Here you stand good chances of finding grand fossilized animal and plant life, albeit digging for such relics is not allowed.

The island’s 151-kilometre shoreline is characterised by the unique moler (mo-clay) slopes, peculiar to Mors.

dating sites danmark Morsø

Morsland’s Historical Museum actually covers various sections, e.g.Dan-List A/S is also developing and manufacturing an extensive range of dowel boring machines. bedste gratis datingside Rødovre Dan-List Dowel Boring Machines are assembled in our factory in Langaa, near Randers, and are delivered with a wide range of standard or extra features.comprising Dueholm Monastry, The Mo-clay Museum and The Danish Foundry Museum. Dating back to 1370, the monastery is steeped in history: It was originally the abode of the Johannite monastic order and later, for about 350 years, it housed various dwellers until, in 1909, the monastery was purchased and renovated by Morsland’s Historical Museum.The Mo-clay Museum for instance displays fabulous fossils found on Mors.

Dating sites danmark Morsø

Dan-List Dowel Boring Machines can be build to exact custom specifications to suit individual requirements.Morso is the manufacturer of a range of Notch Cutting Machine from manually foot-operated small production machines to electric / hydraulic, perfect for high volumes requirement. Achieving the perfect mitre using Morso Mitring Machines requires a method of assembling the perfect frame, and this is where Morso Frame Assemblers is the solution.Since then, the park has grown in scope to become the largest flower park in Northern Europe, boasting fabulous flowers. Meet singles in owensboro ky In addition, the park features a bowling centre, water and play worlds, a 4-D cinema and the Jungle zoo.For you to truly experience the moler slopes, we suggest that you go by Limfjordsbussen – i.e.

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