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At the same time it can contribute to explain the outcome - to the extent that it is correct that bayonet charges already ought to have been disused.

Observers at the time did not consider the battle's outcome as a defeat, as it is widely considered today.

The remaining forces had withdrawn north of Limfjorden and were being evacuated from Frederikshavn. Beck decided immediately to move to the south with Fifth Company (160 men) against Ellidshøj.

Here he expected to meet one of the commands in night's lodging.

Generally it is said that an attacker at the start should have a strength superiority on a factor of three; Here were the Danes not even twice so many as the defending.A Danish company of the First Regiment tried a head-on bayonet charge down a long hillside, but stopped 20 meters in front of the earth dike that the Prussians lay in cover behind. datingseiten vergleich Leipzig This battle was the last in the Second War of Schleswig, and resulted in great Danish losses.7632 konto 0001007239 Mødested og vejbeskrivelse oplyses ved tilmelding. Hvis du kommer i egen bil har du mulighed for at møde direkte på dykkerstedet. dykkerhygge på stranden, hvor vi tit har kaffe og kage eller grill med. Hvis du ikke har bil, kan vi sætte dig i forbindelse med nogle af de andre deltagere, så I kan køre sammen.

Dating sider i danmark Stevns

This had moved south, but another was reported from Gunderup to the east, which Beck reached at dawn.Here a column of dragoons was seen to the north, and by scouts it was found that it stopped in Lundby.The Danish loss was 70 men, being three-quarters of their force, against three wounded Prussians. kristne datingsider Vallensbæk The Prussians did not choose to exploit the victory to chase the remaining Danes; instead they broke formation and went to Hobro bringing both their own and Danish wounded. The fight's immediate result was a clear defeat for Denmark, as the Danish side had a loss of 32 dead, 44 wounded, 20 captured, and two missing - in all 98 - against only three wounded Prussians.There is a considerable criticism of Beck's leadership during the battle: All of these points may be partly correct in themselves, but they leave unanswered the question of why Beck acted like he did.

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A possible explanation is that he needed to repair his reputation: He was a politician and had during the First War of Schleswig 15 years earlier been passed over for promotion for criticism by Colonel Læssøe, and would probably suffer the same again, for in February during the battle of Sankelmark he left his unit while it was in battle.Some sources also indicate that bayonet charges already were known to be hopeless, and that Beck ought to have known this.The regulations had a procedure for bayonet charges, and this makes the criticism by Beck unreasonable.At the time the fight in Jutland had really been given up. Beck had been left behind in Nørresundby to hide the retreat as long as possible, secure the sea-inlet crossings and - if possible without disproportionate risk - advance southwards.The army had been severely defeated at Dybbøl in April and a few days after displaced from Als. On 1 July the Prussians sent three scouting units north from Hobro.

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