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Fort Prince of Wales National Historic Site, built by the Hudson's Bay Company in the 1700s, can be visited during July and August, and is reached by boat.Depending on the night, visitors may also be lucky enough to experience a display of northern lights.The park extends over part of the glacially-formed Manitoba Escarpment where a series of plateaus rising to heights of about 340 meters overlook the surrounding prairies of gentle hills, meadows, and lakes.

Numerous walking and cycling trails can be found throughout the park.There are also places offering casual dining and entertainment.Accessible throughout the year, this scenic park is a combination of recreation area and nature reserve, with a varied landscape of prairie, forest, and wonderfully clear lakes and streams.Tours in tundra buggies - giant large-wheeled vehicles with caged windows - allow visitors close up encounters with the bears.Also of interest is the excellent Eskimo Museum with exhibits of Inuit works of art and tools dating from 1700 BC through the Dorset and Thule cultures to the present day.

Dating in steinbach mb

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights is Winnipeg's newest major attraction and an important addition to Canada's national museums.Many years in the making, the structure containing the museum is a unique, standout building with a design based on the Canadian landscape.One trail leads to the log cabin formerly belonging to the English naturalist Grey Owl who, in the early 1920s, wrote books about the wildlife of the area.Gimli is a small town, approximately an hour's drive north of Winnipeg, on the shores of Lake Winnipeg.Churchill, popularly known as the "Polar Bear Capital of the World," lies on the harsh, rocky coast of Hudson Bay.

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