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The Championship Committee may utilize the rights granted it hereunder in connection with the promotion and/or commemorating of the 2014 Championship as well as future Championships.

The cooperation of players with authorized representative of the media is required, provided that no pre-Championship activities are required outside of those activities which are part of the Championship and provided that the player’s Championship play is not unreasonable interfered with.

FULL MOON EVENTPresented by The Silkeborg Tourist and Regatta Association Since its inception in 1899, the Silkeborg Fireworks Regatta has become a must-see event and one of Denmark’s largest folk festivals.

This spectacular presentation opens with a bouquet of amazing cultural and intercultural experiences, including the European Championships in Fireworks, and a flotilla of beautifully decorated vessels gliding past the river gardens.

The competition will be deemed to close when the Championship trophy has been presented.All participants will be required to play with golf balls which are on the R&A list of Conforming Golf Balls current at the date of the Championship. Any driver the player carries must have a clubhead, identified by model and loft, which is named on the current List of Conforming Driver Heads issued by the R&A. In the absence of mitigating circumstances, a group is liable to be timed if it is in excess of the time allowed and in the case of second or subsequent groups, out of position. kostenlos singles kennenlernen Lübeck Exception: A driver with a clubhead that was manufactured prior to 1999 is exempt from this condition. From the commencement of timing, if any player exceeds 50 seconds on a “first to play approach shot (including par 3 tee shot), chip or putt”, or 40 seconds if it is a tee shot or “second or third to play shot” he is deemed to have had a “bad time”.The weekend sees the banks of the Silkeborg River festooned with fairy lights and fire beacons.Visitors will be enthralled by the various tableaux of plays, flame-throwers, and all the fun of the fair with food stalls, entertainment, music, and variety performances in the beautiful ‘Magic Mirror Tent’.

Dating app danmark Silkeborg

If entries exceed 96, entrants will be allocated to a reserve list in handicap order.In case of less than 96 entries, the Committee reserves the right to issue further invitations.18 holes will be played Wednesday 18 holes Thursday 18 holes Friday 18 holes Saturday. Single tanzkurs winsen After 54 holes, the leading 48 participants and those tying for the 48th place shall play a further 18 holes Saturday.In the event of a tie after four rounds the winner will be decided by a sudden death playoff at hole 18 until a winner emerges.

The play will be governed by the Rules of Golf, as approved by the R&A, and such local rules as shall be approved by the Championship Committee.All successful entrants will appear on the participant list 12.00 CET, Friday 9th of June 2017.Tee times will be published not later than Friday 30th of June 2017. b) Entry fee: DKK 1,500.00 (or € 200.00) is to be paid no later than Wednesday 21th of June 2017.a) All entries must be received by Silkeborg Ry Golfklub before the stipulated closing date 12.00 CET, Tuesday 6th of June 2017. Successful entrants will receive an email confirmation containing an invoice and conditions of payment.In case of cancellation up until a week before the championship, the entry fee will be refunded with a deduction of € 15.00 for administration.

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